Services of Midhattan Woodworking Corp.

modern style woodworking and craftsmanship

Midhattan Woodworking Corporation is a single source manufacturer; from the concept of engineering difficult details, through Fabrication, Cutting, Assembling, Finishing, Transporting, and Installation.

Midhattan Woodworking Corp. has an inter-company subsidiary, Yonkers Plywood Manufacturing Corporation. This company is only 54 years old and it is a manufacturer of Architectural Plywood and doors. Yonkers is a supplier to Midhattan, as well as a supplier to many other manufacturing facilities in the New Jersey Tri-State Area.

We do not broker out any type of our classified work. We are a union manufacturer and we are signatory to the New York City District Council of Carpenters and Joiners of America, and with the state of New Jersey Local Union #821.

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