History of Midhattan Woodworking Corp.

The Origin of Midhattan Woodworking Corporation

In the year 1932, a master craftsman Louis Greco an Italian immigrant from the Naples region went into business. A business associate of Mr. Greco offered to lend him $1,000.00 to start. Mr. Greco, after he got over the original shock of this generous offer accepted $500.00 Thus, the start of Midhattan Woodworking Corporation.

Before being in the present location in Old Bridge, New Jersey, the other locations were 233 Water Street, then onto 11 Frankfurt Street. After this Midhattan moved into an old horse stable at 172 Cherry Street, which was good to receive heavy woodworking machinery, and with the wide ramps designed for the horses it was really easy to move around equipment. After several years there, Mr. Greco moved Midhattan to 42-48 West 13th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues. This facility was the equivalent of four buildings wide by four stories high. Most of this street today is owned by the New School and Parson's.

Then in 1962, Mr. Greco purchased seven acres of property 40 miles south from the Holland Tunnel in Old Bridge. New Jersey. Today, 3 generations and 76 years later Midhattan Woodworking Corporation is viewed as one of the "Premiere" manufacturers of architectural woodworking in the United States. Midhattan is a state of the art fully computerized organization operating out of 100,000 square foot facility.

Midhattan Woodworking Corporation is a single source manufacturer; from the concept of engineering difficult details, then in fabrication, assembling, finishing, transporting, and finally installation.

The average employee works for Midhattan no less than 10 years, so continuity helps the success of satisfied employees.

Midhattan Woodworking Corp. has an intercompany subsidiary Yonkers Plywood Manufacturing Corporation. This company is only 54 years old and it is a manufacturer of Architectural Plywood and doors.

Yonkers is a supplier to Midhattan as it is a supplier to many other manufacturing facilities in the New Jersey Tri-State Area.

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